Greetings Lovely Spirit

A Fragile Spirit Integrative Services started in 2009 when I realized my health was compromised. I took a sincere look at myself and slowly conquered weight issues, my addiction with food , specifically sugar and a medical diagnosis I refused to own.

This challenge encouraged me to pursue integrative therapies which changed my life and introduced me to my “purpose work” which is A Fragile Spirit Integrative Services.

We provide an array of modalities to accommodate your unique individual Body, Mind and Spirit requirements.

Your Body requires nutrients to function properly, Your Mind needs quiet time to be relieved of stress/chaos and Your Spirit, your true essence needs to recognize, believe and receive the gifts of the Universe.

When we are not adoring, spending time with ourselves and honoring our being, the Body, Mind and Spirit are out of balance. You might “emotionally feel” this as being scattered, nothing is going right, or feeling restless and not yourself.

Our programs will assist you with putting all of your “pieces” back together again.

The mission of A Fragile Spirit is to assist you in being your beautiful Divine self by providing heart centered services honoring you.